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Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
speed of traffic in los angeles. we squandered an opportunity here, bill. we should have taken that space shuttle just up the 405 freeway about 80 miles to the mexican border and done a couple of victory laps. basically said, listen, stop all the drug running, stop all the cutting the heads off and putting them in duffle bags, go ahead and hit the algebra books and you too could have one of these. by the way, we're done with this one. that's how good we are. we are retiring this. >> bill: this is on salute. >> this is an 8 track cassette to us. >> bill: you, aadam carolla had you been in charge of this would have use endeavour as motivational tool to the mexican government to improve itself? >> that's right. this is what we call antiquated technology we're so advanced we're actually done with this device. please take a look and see what studying and not paying off police and government officials can get you as a society. >> okay. now, los angeles is bankrupt. i think they owe like $45 trillion or something. have no money. this has got to cost l.a., what have you got cops there
FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 1:00am PDT
.67 a gallon. the issue was not even highlighted at the presidential debate. joining us from los angeles, a man who cruises in his car, adam corolla. tonight you came to the location on a skateboard. is that true? >> first off, since when is cruising trolling hookers -- oh, wait a minute, i screwed that up. anyway, bill. sorry. look, it's hollywood. you got to get along. yeah. i came on a moped powered by propane and good vibes. >> bill: yeah. now, you would think that people in l.a., 'cause they're paying sky high property prices there, very expensive to live in los angeles, now you're looking at in some places close to $6 a gallon for high test, that they would be furious, but i don't see the outrage. >> oh, no, no, no. we got something called the bullet train and it's going from bakersfield, california to fresno and it's going to be done in 2019. so our problems are over involving transportation in california. that bullet train is going to open up that very key artery from bakersfield to fresno that no one -- people in bakersfield don't know where it is and same with people in fresno. it's i
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> obama says 47% hold it, don't take mayor of los angeles comment out of tape out of context on a tape. i heard you saying bing bing bing bing bing. didn't look like it's tit-for-tat. he has got to look for opening more subtle than that. that's too obvious. he needs to be presidential. when he brings it up he needs to bring it up i'm wired up about. this he doesn't need to bring it up in -- he needs to bring it up in sorrow and regret. you raised this incident in a way that was racially charged stirring up animosity. >> bill: he has to rise above. >> absolutely. he he needs to be presidential. he needs to be nor o'reilly or rove on this issue because both of us are too spun up about it. >> bill: okay. two minutes left in this segment. what is the most important thing that mitt romney has to do tonight? >> if you make me pick one, it is to give the american people a sense of what it is that he is going to do so they walk away saying he has got a practical common sense set of answers to the problems we fay faces a a country. in a debate you never get to do one thing. let me suggest three. t
FOX News
Oct 13, 2012 1:00am PDT
that on others. >> laura: with us now from los angeles is fox news contributor leslie marshall and from denver, marilyn must grave. vice president at the susan b. anthony list organization which is a pro-life group. all right, ladies, let's get a crack at this, will he leslie, let's start with you, what did you make of this late abortion question which was basically at the end of the debate after we discussed afghanistan, libya, tax policy, medicare, social security and then came this? >> well, actually, i think it was a good question. and i don't think it was resurrecting the war on women because i think the war on women is still going on and i don't think it's been dead and buried. i think because these are two catholic men and this is an issue that obviously is very emotional that is very divisive in our nation there are people who vote just on pro-life or pro-choice candidates. i thought it was very good for her to get that one of the things i loved about both on their answers is it was so unrehearsed for both of them. i felt very very heart felt and i bought both of their answers i felt i
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 1:00am PDT
professor at the university of colorado. and in los angeles odds maker wayne road who correctly predicted the 2004 election. who is going to win on november 6th and how do you know? >> well, i will tell you what, i'm a gut instinct guy, bill. i have been saying since i put out my commentary in may that romney would win by a landslide. by the way let me point out in december i made my new years prediction and i said mitt romney would win the republic nomination in a cake walk and at the time he was doing badly to pretty much every single person running and i said he would go on to win the election. it was in mathay made the determination that i felt a landslide was coming and i doubled down here on fox news and other polices around the country about two weeks agoened said it will in fact be electoral landslide. 5 to 7 points popular vote and 100 to 120 electoral vote for mitt romney. >> bill: you know the polls don't say that. what is it? do you have a magic ball? do you have ms. clio in the basement? you have got to give me one thing that is making you so confident. >> well, i think it's
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
his side generally speaking but in a press conference, look, every agency is investigating this. los angeles times and "washington post." that situated to handle it. do you think that barack obama is going to do the bin laden card tonight? is that his strongest suit? >> it's his only suit. its call any president would have made, he delayed making the call. >> bill: romney is not going to say congratulations, i'm glad you did it. >> of course, romney can't attack him for killing bin laden. what romney needs to do, he needs to lay out the consistent litany of failures, collapse of the russian reset. the failure to support the revolution in iran. the mishandling of the arab spring. not standing up to china. a mess in syria. throw a dart on the map and obama has failed america in that spot. >> bill: thanks very much. we'll hear another side from wesley clark. he is defender of the president. his advice on libya and other foreign policy matters. they say libya is no big deal. more on that. moments away. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advilĀ®. here's one sto
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 1:00am PDT
and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles a dam carolla author of the book not taco bell material. you have got a book out. is it worth humiliating the way he was last night on "60 minutes" by leslie stall. >> no. >> bill: she kicked his butt. >> he said he was set for life moneywise. i don't know what he is doing this for. it's like he is probably i mean i don't know why you want to -- look, i had a gay tryst with dr. drew 10 years ago but you didn't see me writing about it in my book because that's a secret that i keep well under wraps. >> bill: i understand why you keep that secret. but dr. drew probably is now filing papers against you even as we speak. so just so you know. i had no part of it dr. drew. i wanted leslie stall to say hey you were a bad governor, arnold, which he was. but instead it was all about the love child he was conan the barbarian and whoever the woman out there in the hat was. and he is sitting there. this big macho guy and he is just getting bang, bang, bang. and i'm thinking to myself is it really worth it for some dopey book that
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
on besides big bird. joining us from los angeles, lavar burton who was the host for 26 years. i know you're deeply emotionally involved with this and your point of view what? just articulate it for the viewers tonight. >> i think that off the bat, we are missing the larger issue when we focus on big bird. what pbs represents for this country and has for an awfully long time is the ideal that we want to give equality education and access to a quality education for all of america's citizens and public broadcasting has been an agency and part of the machinery that has delivered quality education at no cost to the public for many, many years. >> bill: when you say at no cost to the public, it's $450 million a year. that's a lot of taxpayer cost. but let me just ask you this: i like pbs programming especially for kids. you did a nice job for a long time on that and it was very educational. the sesame workshop, which is the big driver on pbstv, their assets, according to the irs 2011 filing, $356 billion. that's what the sesame workshop is worth. so i'm going to submit to you, mr. burton, th
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)